How Much Does it Cost to Ship a GPU

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a GPU

When we talk about shipping the graphics card from one place to another. We have to take care of its cost that is affected by many factors. In this article, we are going to discuss how much it costs to ship a graphics card. Also, we’ll guide you types of mediums that can be used and the best ways to ship graphics cards.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a GPU

The cost of shipping a graphics card is not always fixed it depends upon multiple factors such as size, weight, courier service, etc. This analysis is for both domestic and international deliveries. We’ve also discuss how you can save cost on shipping a graphics card. Below is the checklist that affects the pricing of shipping cost:

Shipping Method

There are multiple shipping methods available in the market such as express, standard, and overnight. Your shipping cost depends upon the method you use. More faster delivery is, the more costly it will be. You can also consider it according to your urgency.

Dimensions and Size

In the shipping cost of GPU or in anything else, its weight and size matter a lot. Most companies charge prices according to the weight and size GPU. You can visit the company’s website and put your dimensions and size to get an estimated cost.


The time in which you’re sending your parcel matters too, as on holiday days they charge much higher pricing as compared to normal days. Also, try to avoid peak shipping days to save the cost.

Shipping Discount

Many courier company offers different kind of coupons and discounts to their new or frequent customers. Try to consider a company that offers discounts frequently.


To safely deliver your graphics card you must pack it well. It can also increase your shipping cost as it increases the dimensions and weight too. You can do a potential cost saving by doing an efficient packing.

Custom Duties

This point only affects the international graphics card shipping cost. Because each country has its own rules and regulations on graphics card import. Like in Pakistan, they charge the custom duty tax based on GPU’s memory. On an average you would have to pay around $190 extra to importing an RTX 3090ti GPU. That’s why it affects the shipping price a lot, you can check the corresponding country’s custom duty policies.


Apart from GPU shipping, you should also consider a reliable insurance on any valuable items. As GPU is much costly you should consider buying insurance for this. This will make you relax regarding any damage or issue caused during transit.

If you consider all these factors you can expect around $30 to $50 charges for a doestinc sipping. And $150 to $300 for any international shopping includng custom charges. These prices are mentioned for a mid range GPU such as RTX 3090ti.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Never do a insufficient packaging on your graphics card. Do a proper cost-effective packaging for your graphics card to delivery it safely.
  • Always try to get an insurance for your valuable items such as graphics cards in this case.
  • Consider adding custom duty to your total cost in case of international graphics card shipping. Later on, it can cause an issue for you regarding the taxation if you don’t consider it earlier.


You must check all the factors discussed above to calculate your accurate cost of shipping for a graphics card. By following our given cost cutting tactics you can easily save your cost. Never forget to follow the precautions for shipping a graphics card.

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