Roblox Arrival On PS4, PS5 and Meta Quest VR

Roblox Arrival On PS4, PS5 and Meta Quest VR

Roblox Corporation is considered one of the most loved gaming platforms. Recently, they’ve unveiled the groundbreaking news of Roblox’s arrival on PlayStation. In the 2023 Roblox Developers Conference (RDC) meeting they announced that in October 2023 their platform will be available on PS4 and PS5. This news made many gamers more excited to experience their favorite gaming platform on PlayStation.

At this time Roblox is entertaining more than 65 million users on a daily basis. And users love their platform because of their exceptional connection and immersive experience. It was already available on many platforms like IOS, Windows, Xbox, and Android. Roblox enthusiasts would have seamless access to the full spectrum of Roblox experience on their PlayStations.

The company has seen exponential growth since 2006, especially in 2020. Because at this time most of the US population was suffering from COVID-19. In fact, more than half of under 16 years kids were having games on this platform. Now they want to open doors for new generation’s persons to their platform through modern gaming devices and equipment.

In RDC meeding Founder David Baszucki also announced their debut in Meta’s virtual reality this month. To open doors for VR gaming for their users and enthusiasts. They’ve shown a demonstration of their immersive VR experience on PS5 and Mobile. Roblox has tied up with many companies like Chipotle to raise awareness of content moderation. Similar to other VR brands, Roblox is also able to revolutionize our gaming experience through the virtual world.

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