Intel Unveils Groundbreaking Meteor Lake CPU with On-Package LPDDR5X Memory

Intel Unveils Groundbreaking Meteor Lake CPU with On-Package LPDDR5X Memory

Intel is known for its powerful and advanced computer components mostly for its processors. Recently they have given a demonstration of their new high-tech components with new technologies embedded such as EMIB and Foveros.

One of them is their new upcoming Meteor Lake Processor which would come with a specially in-built directly attached memory to it.!! It’s similar to Apple’s M1 and M2 chips. They did the same in their latest processors.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the main changes and specifications of their new technology-embedded CPUs.

Memory Addition

The Meteor Lake CPU would come with a special kind of packaging technique called Foveros, which will help to perform the CPU more perfectly. One of the most important points to note is that it would have a built-in Samsung LPDDR5X-7500 16GB of memory.

That will help to achieve an exceptional fast data processing speed. You can expect more than the recent high-end performing systems.

Adding this memory directly CPU would give us many advantages such as faster computing power as it would take up less space in the CPU and make it more compact. Also, it would help them to add a bigger battery to their devices, so the users can enjoy more backup time from their devices.

But there might be some drawbacks to this as well. If there is any fault in your system then it would not be easy to change that or upgrade your system, because already everything is compact and put together. However, this issue could be minimized by putting in a more powerful cooling system.

This is not a new thing to Intel, they have tested this technology in their Atom-Branded and Lakefield hybrid CPU for some special devices.

Impact on laptops

Adapting these new CPUs in laptops by their makers may force them to think again. It would make it easier to make their laptops thinner but it would affect their laptop customization. It may also impact the overall prices of laptops. We might see ups and downs in laptop prices.


We must appreciate intel for upgrading and experiencing new technologies for computer technology. It could make our system more compact and faster. It will be more exciting for gamers and others to see the performance of Intel’s Meteor Lake CPU.

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