How To Hide GPU Cables?

How To Hide GPU Cables?

We need the best component wires’ hiding technique to get an aesthetic build. But in powerful computers, we do install powerful components and GPU is one of them. Cable management in PC build is an art and skill in itself. To master the skill of hiding GPU cables we need to use a few methods as it would give us an elevated look at your system. In this article, we’ll talk about hiding graphics card cables in an appropriate manner.

Why cable management is important in PC building?

Cable management plays a crucial part in the aesthetic look of your system. There are also some other benefits of arranging your work perfectly such as:

  • Improved Airflow
  • Easy Maintenance and Upgrades
  • Enhanced Cooling system
  • Prevets any electric shock
  • Reduces EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)
  • Aesthetical Look
  • Take attention

How To Hide GPU Cables?

Now, I hope you just get an idea of how important it is to manage your cables in a PC build. So now let’s have a look at how can i improve my cable management in my PC build.

Cable Management Stratgety

Before you dive into the hassle of cable management you should plan a perfect strategy to hide them. There is no universal strategy that why you have to design it according to your casing type, design, length of cables, and location of GPU. Each GPU comes with its own design and wiring. There are multiple channels to decide your strategy like zip ties, adhesive tools, etc.

Using Velcro Straps and Zip Ties

Sometimes we have a lot of cables but we are stuck in making them a single string. To do that Zip ties and velcro are some of the most useful tools to do. You can put numerous.

Routing Cables

We should not just pass any wire from any random path. To get a visually appealing setup, you should use an appropriate path for GPU wire passing. Try to avoid passing them in front of components.

Tray behind Motherboard

You would always notice a try behind the motherboard in any type of casing. That place can be consumed to pass your GPU wires through. This space offers hassle-free cable routing and keeps them clutter-free. It would be a bit hard to do but it is worth it.

Utilizing Adhesive Mounts and Cable Clips

You should utilize adhesive mounts and cable clips to mount your wires along with the inner edge of your case. You can also use this technique for other component wires. This way you can hide your wires as they stick to the case.

Putting Multiple Wires in Cable Sleeves

Cable sleeves are a traditional method to put multiple wires together in a sleeve. It gives the look of a single string with multiple hidden wires. You can use this to hide your multiple GPU wires and make them a single one. It is available in various sizes and girth.


If you are done with cable management then don’t forget to maintain them timely. Because in some cases, we see some wires get out of their location after some time.


A wire-exposed GPU would be a hindrance to your system’s visual presentation. By designing your cable management strategy for your GPU cables and utilizing some tools, you can get amazing cable management. But if you are not a PC build friendly person then you should get a professional to do this for you.

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