What Is Motherboard Screw Size – Ultimate Guide

What Is Motherboard Screw Size – Ultimate Guide

Recently you bought gaming companies to build your system on your own? At this time you must need a guide for choosing the right screw for the motherboard. In this article, you’ll get an ultimate guide on motherboard screw size. You don’t need to dive into the size of the screw, you just need their names and you would be able to identify and get them.

Most probably Motherboards comes with all if it’s a necessary screw for installation of your motherboard. But in some cases, many of them lost their screws and they need some extra ones. In that case, you are the right place to discover the right screw size for your motherboard. We’ll also discuss different types of screws, so you can smoothly build your rig.

Types of Motherboard Screws


Standoff screws are one of the most pivotal screws that mount your motherboard in the casing. They are typically in a hexagonal shape and are available in both plastic and metal materials. They’re mostly aligned with their motherboards. These screws are specially designed, so they can maintain a safe distance between the casing and the motherboard, so they can avoid any sort of short circuit or electrical imbalance.

M.3 Screws

There are also some subcategories of M.3 such as M.2 and M.4. But they also perform the same task, M.3 screws are an alternative to #6-32 UNc screws that helps to hold primary components.

#6-32 UNC

Such types of screws are primarily used in complete expansions like graphics cards, power supplies, and side panels.  Most of the motherboards utilized #6-32 screws as standoff screws.


Thumbscrews are also used to mount the motherboard within the casing. They also play a pivotal role in securing the side panels. They are 7.5mm in length and can be easily tightened through our thumbs.

M3 hexagonal head

M3 and #6-32 screws were made for each other’s alternative. They are similar in working but different in their design. M3 uses a different screwdriver as compared to #6-32.

M.5×10 Screws

M.5×10 screws are conical in shape with a flat head and attachments. They are mostly used in mourning the Fans in the casing. They mostly would come with fans.

M.2 SSD Screw

As you got it already M.2 screws are used for mounting or griping the SSD with the motherboard. They are small in size but come with a motherboard.

Precautions for using motherboard Screws

  • Before using the screw make sure their threading and length are the same, so they can easily be installed.
  • If screws are resisting your installation or tightening then they might be the wrong one.
  • Use all available screws to fill all holes.
  • You can use any old or previous computer’s screw as well. As most of the casings use the same screw sizes.
  • Incorrect screw size may lead to impactful damage to your motherboard or casing.
  • Use a manual in case it comes with a motherboard for more precise screw installations


For building a computer, you need to choose everything wise especially the motherboard screw or any other screws. As they are used to mount your whole system within a case. Knowing the different types and sizes of each screw can help you to install your motherboard seamlessly


Can I Use Different Types of Screws for My Motherboard?

Yes, you can use different kinds of screws but as far as they can easily be tight without any hassle. If screws are resisting you should not use that screws

Do Motherboards Include Standoffs and Screws?

Screws are not mostly provided with a motherboard. But they’re provided with 99% of the cases. Standoffs come with a motherboard for their fitting in case.

Is It Necessary to Insert a Screw in Every Hole of the Motherboard?

Yes, you should use fill every hole of screws, so it can tightly be fitted into your casing. Otherwise, you can skip a hole as well but better to fill all of them.

Are Motherboard Screws Universal?

Yes, most of the motherboard skews are universal. Unless that motherboard follows the standard module, then you can use universal screws.

What Kind of Screwdriver Should I Use for the Motherboard?

A #2 Philips screwdriver can be the best option for the installation of your motherboard within the case. It’s a kind of universal screwdriver for building the computer.

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