CPU Fan Vs Pump Fan – Which One To Consider?

CPU Fan Vs Pump Fan – Which One To Consider?

More powerful computer hardware always needs a powerful and efficient cooling system. It prevents our system from heating and enhances it’s performance. CPU Fan and Pump Fan are two major components of the cooling system. Now we are about to dive into it’s details such as how it works, its differences, and which one is made for a specific setup.

Working of CPU Fan


The CPU Fan is a cooling component to eliminates the heat produced by the processor. It is also known as a heatsink fan. CPU Fan consists of a heatsink that extracts the heat from the CPU and cools down it through its fan. It ensures a moderate temperature of the CPU while doing intense tasks such as editing, gaming, and rendering.


There are multiple types of CPU Fans available in the market. But Air coolers, Liquid coolers, and immersion coolers. The first two types are used for common users and high-end users. However, immersion coolers are mostly used in over-skilled computers.

Installation Process

Each cooler comes with its own compatibility requirements. You have to look at your manufacturer’s requirements and it’s compatibility with the motherboard. Because every CPU fan can not fit in any motherboard.

Working of Pump Fan


A pump fan itself is not a type of CPU fan. A pump fan is a major component of a liquid cooling system. Its main task is to circulate the coolant and water in the entire cooling system. The coolant absorbs the heat from CPU and the circulates to the other side, in this way the loop continues.


You have multiple options to choose the pump fan of a cooling system. As some liquid coolers come with a mounted pump on the top of the CPU block. Whereas in other cases, we have separate pumps and CPU blocks to install. Remember pump fans are built into the liquid cooling system you don’t need to buy them later.

Installation Process

Every user tries to consider ease of installation before buying components. So you should also do the same. Installing a liquid cooler with a pump is a bit difficult as compared to a stock cooler. But it is worth buying because it provides much more efficiency.

CPU Fan vs Pump Fan


When you look at all types of CPU Fans except the immersion cooling system. Then liquid cooling system is one of the best to choose. It’s a bit higher in pricing but gives us outperformed efficiency. The coolant circulation allows the system to transfer heat instantly from the CPU.


For a PC builder noise is a main factor to consider. In the cooling system, the consideration is still the same for enthusiasts. Normally, liquid coolers produce less noise as compared to stock coolers. This comes with a bit higher pricing but noise is a significant factor to consider buying it.


In this factor, liquid coolers lose the game, as they give an outclass performance. Also, they need more space to occupy in the building. It consists of two major parts a pump and a CPU block. They both have to be installed within the casing. You should check your CPU requirements and case compatibility with your chosen cooling system.


In conclusion, choosing a CPU fan and a pump fan totally depends upon your setup. Each setup requires a specific heatsink. But as per our recommendations, you should invest a bit more and get a liquid cooler for efficient cooling. Alothough, for cost saver, they should go for a cost-effective CPU Stock Fan for their system. But never let your system bottleneck just because of your poor cooling system.

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